Calculation Packet

Download Engineering Calculation Packets and Load Test Certificates. Select the WashoutPan model(s) below. Please allow time for your browser to load.

WashoutPan Brigade PRO Series:

Model 444509614PRO Dimensions: 50″x96″x14″
Model 444509618PRO Dimensions: 50″x96″x18.25″
Model 444604814PRO Dimensions: 60″x48″x14″
Model 444727214PRO Dimensions: 72″x72″x14″
Model 444727224PRO Dimensions: 72″x72″x24″

WashoutPan Heavy Duty “HD” Series:

Model 444727214HD Dimensions: 72″x72″x14″
Model 444727224HD Dimensions: 72″x72″x24″