WASHOUT PAN 315 Gallon Containment

72” X 72” X 24” HEAVY DUTY Series

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SKU: 444727224HD

WASHOUT  PAN’S trusted Heavy Duty “HD” series pans are over-engineered to last. Designed to capture and collect liquids and solids from concrete washout and exceed regulatory compliance. The HD series features four 3/4” ASTM A-572 Grade 50 Material lifting eyes, 1/4 “ steel floors, tapered walls and a flat floor. It also has reinforced forklift channels for lifting the pan upside down to release materials.

In addition to concrete mixer trucks, pans can also be used for other trades and secondary containment. We reccomend spraying the inside of each pan with a form oil before use to prevent material from sticking. Keep washout material clean for recycling and refrain from using plastic liners.

ASTM A572 Grade 50 is considered a “workhorse” grade and is widely used in many applications. Steel mills produce channel and heavy beams with Grade 50. It is commonly used in structural applications, heavy construction equipment, building structures, heavy duty anchoring systems, truck frames, poles, liners, conveyors, boom sections, structural steel shapes, and applications that require high strength per weight ratio.

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