WashoutPro Instant Containment Portable Basin – 150 Gallon Capacity

Includes EPA required self-shedding rain cover


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The latest portable job-site SWPP trade-washout containment technology.
Compact and portable instantly opens into a large 150 gallon containment basin with self shedding cover.Amazon Washout
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Product Description

WEIGHT: 18 pounds
DIMENSIONS: 63″ X 63″ X 12″

Not just for looks, this super compact washout fits under your truck seat and opens for instant use.The rain shedding cover is now required by the EPA so dress up your sites before the inspectors arrive to demonstrate your excellent housekeeping skills. Once full of concrete peel-away the nonstick basin and recycle. Holds over 150 gallons and has a free instant open EPA compliant self-shedding rain cover.


  • Poly Vinyl fabric
  • EPA, SWPPP, & OSHA compliant pollutant containment station
  • Ideal for concrete pump truck washout
  • Packaged compact and portable
  • Rain-shedding cover attaches securely using quick-connect clips